Posted by: meditaciónmundialmundialmujeres | October 29, 2010

Welcome Women of Light

” NEXT CALL  13.09.2014 at 20:00 “

Welcome women of light to the meeting point of all women that feel the Mother Earth´s call. We invite you to join the Worldwide Women´s Circle for the Healing of Gaia.

Twice a year in May and September, and in conjunction with the  weekend work from a group of women in  “Cañón de Rio Lobos (Soria, Spain)”  is called a meditation for all women of light from all over the world to meet in a large universal circle and to connect heart to heart and from the single tune in our hearts to connect to the heart beat of Gaia.

 If you feel  this work as yours, write to:

“2.222 women in meditacion can change the world”